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Ready, Set, Row! Burn 600 Calories – The Machine You Should be Using

Thanks to our new friends at Shape Magazine for getting thousands of people closer to gold medal health! They have featured our very own Concept 2 Master Rowing Instructor and Bellevue Wellness Coordinator, Anna Cummins, with one of her rowing machine routines in the January 2012 Issue of Shape Magazine. Be sure to get your […] more»

End your Pain: Sharing your Resolutions and Stop Trying Alone

A New Years Resolution by Dan Cerrillo, Manager of Crossfit Bellevue My New Years Resolutions were to wake up 1-hour earlier and go down to the crappy gym in my condo building and do 30-mins of old fashioned cardio. I am doing this because my strength is great, my lifts are fairly clean but my […] more»

Pregnant and Taking it Down a Notch or Ten

By Anna Cummins, 2008 Olympic Champion Once an Olympic champion, I could now barely get out of bed and go for a walk, let alone get to the Pocock Rowing Center or Crossfit Bellevue. I knew something crazy was happening inside my body. For the first time in my life, I felt like the anti-athlete. […] more»