Creating Wellness

The Creating Wellness Program

Creating Wellness has the tools you need to create wellness in your life.  The Creating Wellness System is integrated from the inside out, bringing focus and balance to the physical, biochemical, and psychological dimensions in your life.


The Creating Wellness System is dramatically different from anything else on the market today.  It is a TOTAL REVOLUTION in mind and body wellness, combining the latest scientific technology with the most advanced measurement and motivational program ever developed.

We have a clear and powerful foundational philosophy from which we start in such that human beings experience stress in 3 dimensions:

  1. Physical (Be Fit): How you use your body
  2. Bio-Chemical (Eat Right): What you put into your body
  3. Psychological (Think Well): The mind-body connection

In order to move toward wellness, all 3 dimensions must be addressed at the same time.  We have developed leading edge technology and all the Well Net software, which allows Dr. Cummins to measure you in depth in all 3 dimensions.  We then customized a wellness program to meet your specific needs.

Physical (Be Fit):
We have created an exercise program that is customized to your personal level of fitness as determined by your wellness assessment. The program consists of strength building and cardiovascular exercises all done with a resist-a-ball and exercise bands that are provided with the system.  The daily program can be done in 20 minutes or less a day and it can be done in the privacy of your own home!

Creating WellnessBio-Chemical (Eat Right):
The Creating Wellness Meal Planner is customized to your specific caloric range determined by your goals and the results of your personal wellness assessment.  For ease of use, your meal planner has been organized into the four essential food groups for your wellness.  It is easy to follow with predetermined portion sizes listed for each food.

Psychological (Think Well): the mind-body connection
Sound Advice, our breakthrough audio program, features custom-built CD’s that deliver advice, solutions, and powerful motivation in all 3 dimensions of wellness, based on your individual needs and goals. Sound Advice articles feature a world-class team of Chiropractors, Physiologists, Nutritionists, Psychologists, artists, and business people.  You will benefit from the expertise and experience of the best minds in the business.

What’s Included in the Creating Wellness Program?

  • The Creating Wellness Workout Program: Customized resistance and cardio training for each day of the week and a 6 DVD set and workout equipment set to your skill and fitness level.
  • Creating Wellness Meal Planner: Customized to your specific caloric range and food preferences
  • Nutritional Supplements: Supplements to create vitality and optimize rejuvenation
  • Sound Advice: Audio programming to work on head space and to give you the knowledge for lasting lifestyle change.
  • Online resources for food preparation, food nutritional values, grocery lists, online community groups, monthly wellness tips, and progress tracking
  • One on one coaching  to help keep you on track
  • Newsletter for the latest to health and wellness information

If you are ready to being your road to wellness through the Creating Wellness system, call Cummins Chiropractic and Wellness today to schedule your initial consultation and assessment: 425-590-9158.

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