My Creating Wellness Space Account Creation

Welcome to Creating Wellness!  We are excited to have you join our growing number of Creating Wellness members.

This page will guide you through the registration and log-in process for the “MycreatingwellnessSpace” web site.  This site has been uniquely designed to meet your wellness needs and goals.  This is also where you will go to take your Wellness Assessment Questionnaire, which is a necessary step before your Wellness Quotient is be calculated.

Follow these simple steps to create your private account and begin your journey into Creating Wellness.

STEP 1   Go to
STEP 2   Click on “Wellness Member Login” located in the upper right hand section of the website
STEP 3   Click on “Create Account”
STEP 4   Type in your information and Access Code- 54440444
STEP 6   You’ll receive a notification email at the email you registered with asking you to activate your account,please do this by clicking on the link provided in step #1. If you do not have a valid email address, our Creating Wellness Coach’s, Dr. Cummins, Anna or Paula can assist you in activating your account).
STEP 7   It will bring you to the profile page to setup your nutrition and fitness plan, complete the questions and submit. After pressing “GO”, it will lead you to your profile.
STEP 8   Go to “My Account” in the top right corner
STEP 9   Click on the “Lifestyle Questionnaire” on the left side of the second toolbar. Please complete this questionnaire (it is about 80 questions and could take about 20 minutes to  complete.) When finished, click “submit” and  you are ready for your physical assessment,which is completed in our office!
STEP 10  You’re now ready to enjoy your Mycreatingwellness. Compliments of Mouw Chiropractic, your MyCreatingwellnessSpace is FREE for a trial  period of 7 days.

It is our hope that you will be excited about such a great on-line wellness tool!

Going for Gold Medal Health,

The Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness Team

Dr. Bob Cummins, Certified Creating Wellness Coach

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