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Best Chiropractor in Bellevue, WA

What our patients have to say…

At Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness, we are focused on results and are thrilled to share our
patient feedback with you. Also, check out our Google reviews.

Photo of chiropractic patient“I no longer worry if something I do is going to trigger my back pain, but most of all, I can spend quality time with my family pain free.”

~ Todd L., father of three

Photo of chiropractic patient“It was my doubles partner that brought me into Dr. Bob’s. I was immediately impressed by the amount of care and personal feel of the care I received.”

~ Rebecca D., Regional LW 2X Champion

Photo of chiropractic patient“After one month of treatment that includes very minimal invasive adjustments I am felling better than I have felt in years. My strength is up almost 65% across all my major lifts.”

~ Dan C., Navy Seal and operator of Crossfit Bellevue

Photo of chiropractic patient“Dr. Bob created a multi function program to eradicate my pain, create healing through nutrition, and exercises to keep me from future injury. Very impressive!”

~ Stan M., Retired Orthopedic PA from Stanford University

Photo of chiropractic patient“I would recommend treatment with Dr. Bob to others because it is a solution for the long term effects of a problem.”

~ Lindsey M., 2008 Olympic Rowing Team Member

Photo of chiropractic patient“I highly recommend Dr. Cummins to anyone in need of chiropractic care, athletes, and especially veterans.”

~ Dan C., Veteran, Kirkland Crossfitter

Photo of chiropractic patient“I no longer have pain when I ride my bike, sail or any of the many other activities, which a year ago would have meant I couldn’t turn my head for days.”

~ Scott B., Avid Sailor, Microsoft Employee

Photo of chiropractic patient“Dr. Cummins is a breath of fresh air in this current world of health care. His expertise on the nervous systems and how it effects the health of our body was amazing from day one of my treatment.”

~ Susan B., Bellevue Middle School Teacher

Photo of chiropractic patient“Where I once suffered a dozen migraines a month, I now may have one. Today, I’m virtually migraine free. I’m standing taller and my life is no longer controlled by pain.”

~ Jan M., Retired yet very active grandmother

Photo of chiropractic patient “I appreciate Dr. Cummins positive approach to recovery medicine.”

~ Bob E., University of Washington, Director of Rowing

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