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Create the Life you Love - Think Well Workshop

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Turn “Being Stuck” into “Striking Gold” when you attend the Think Well Workshop Tuesday, November 15th, 7-8pm.  You will learn:
·      What broad based studies on happiness and life satisfaction reveal
·      The battle waged between our core values, beliefs and assumptions and our desired outcome
·      Strategies and tools needed to turn “being stuck” into “striking gold”
People who live with a belief they can achieve, do.  Those who don’t, don’t. 
We now have empirical evidence to confirm what has been suspected by Psychologists all along: OUR ATTITUDE is the MOST IMPORTANT INFLUENCE WE HAVE.
Special guest: Theresa McKenna, CEO of Empowerment Strategies Coaching and Consulting
RSVP for you and a friend at our front desk or by calling 425.590.9158 or by email
Next month:
Specialty Workshop: The Right Insurance for YOU!  Hosted by Janet Vinson of Bordelon Insurance, our favorite independent health insurance agent who literally makes health insurance fun.
Eat Well Workshop: Healthy Holiday Eating with Olympic Gold Medalist Anna Cummins, December 15th, 7-8pm
Anyone wishing more information may contact Dr. Cummins, whose office is located at 4122 Factoria Blvd. SE, Suite 202, Bellevue, WA (telephone 425-590-9158).