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Effects of Pain and Low Back Function

By Bellevue Chiropractor, Dr. Bob Cummins

Bellevue –  There is a series of special muscles in the low back called, “Multifidi”.   These muscles attach adjacent vertebra together like links in a chain.  Their purpose is to create stability between each vertebral segment so that when you move, the vertebra keep lined up and excessive stress does not build within the spine.  The multifidi are sensitive to pain and inflammation.  If the spine is injured or overworked and inflammation accumulates around the multifidi, these muscles become inhibited and lose their ability to stabilize.  A vicious cycle follows.  Poor spinal stabilization leads to more tissue injury and inflammation, more inflammation causes more multifidi inhibition.

If you have back pian, part of the solution is to avoid activities that exceed the spine’s ability to stabilize.  If you remove the injury provoking activities, inflammation will start to subside, and the multifidi have a better chance of re-activating.  The take home lesson here is that if there are certain movements that keep aggravating your back, avoid those movements until your spine has regained its stability, and then go back to those activities.

As a college athlete, I learned the hard way.  I injured my low back in the weight room performing a clean.  Rather than backing off painful activities, I tried to push through the injury.  I kept competing for the next several months.   As a result, my back become less and less stable.  An injury that might have healed in  4-6 weeks ended up taking 18 months.

Numerous studies show that chiropractic adjustments improve multifidi activation.  This is one hypothesis of how and why chiropractic can help with low back problems.

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