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Finding Time for Self-care

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Finding time for self care is so important

For multitasking moms and dads with full plates, it’s not always easy fitting fitness into your day. Sometimes we don’t have the time to get ourselves to the Coal Creek Family YMCA, or we can’t quite make it to our CrossFit Bellevue workout class. We can, however, find 3, 5 or 10 minutes to do some exercises at home.

Sneak Fitness into Your Day

It’s easy to put fitness on the back burner when chores start calling. The laundry and dishes will always be there but putting our health first will pay off. Anna fits in her spinal care exercises in front of the TV. “I’ll get out my TheraBand™ or my ball and I roll or do my exercises. Or, I get my Denneroll out and do my neck therapy upside down looking at the television.”

If you have children, they’re likely to join you in your exercises because they’ll think that it’s fun. If you think of how kids play, they’re engaging in beneficial exercise that’s simply a normal part of their day. They’ll likely be excited that you’re doing exercises with them.

Walk This Way

Walking is another natural and low-impact way to exercise every day. If at all possible, aim to get in 5-10 minutes of walking each day. Even a short, brisk walk around the neighborhood is beneficial. If you’re out running errands, park your car farther away from where you need to shop. Take the stairs at work versus the elevator. Getting a few minutes of extra steps in each day will add up over time!

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