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Free Dinner with the Doc! Get your "E.S.S" in Shape Workshop!

Will you live as long as your parents and grandparents? You have their genes, what will your quality of life be like?

Free Dinner with the Doc: Get your “ESS” in Shape Workshop
Thursday, Oct. 18th 7-8pm

That’s right, Thursday night get your “ESS” in shape. Led by Dr. Cummins and his wife, Olympic Gold Medalist, Anna Cummins. They’ll take you through how to focus on Endurance, Strength, and Structure (E.S.S.)to bring you to gold medal health.

  • Endurance tips to improve your staying power
  • Strength tips to empower your mind and body
  • Structure tips to keep you standing straight,strong, and healthy for life
  • BONUS: Dinner’s on us for you and a friend

Bring your friends and get the “E.S.S.” you’ve always wanted.

Must RSVP so we have enough healthy, tasty dinners! Call or email Cummins Chiropractic at: (425)590-9158 or