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Healthy. New. You. Workshop

Healthy. New. You.  2017 Healthy. New. You.  2017.  Take charge of your Health. Take Charge of your Life.

The Healthy. New. You. 2017 Workshop will be led by Olympic gold and silver medalist in rowing, Anna Cummins.  On Tuesday, January 31st from 7-8:30pm at Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness, you are invited to attend with your family and friends and… 

• Increase your energy
• Eliminate acute or chronic pain
• Make the lifestyle changes you know you need to make 
• Improve your health and fitness dramatically
• Strengthen your immune system
• Lose weight and keep it off
• Create an exciting vision for 2017 and beyond

We will be teaching our Bellevue community about the importance of all three components of your “ESS”, endurance, strength and structure and how structure supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself without drug intervention. 

RSVP by calling 425-590-9158 or sign up on our Facebook event page. Family and friends are welcome.

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