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Helping Bellevue CrossFit Athletes Stay in the Game

By Dr. Robert Cummins – The hot, high-octane fitness craze known as CrossFit has devotees worldwide, but this strength and conditioning program can be punishing on some people’s bodies.  I love to help keep these patients going strong at their home.

Taking a Toll on the Body

I see a patient who is in her thirties and is a CrossFit enthusiast.

At her young age, you would not think she would have many problems with pain. Her neck, however, is making it tough for her to continue her chosen sport.

Experiencing Chiropractic’s Healing Abilities

The deterioration she has in her spine is putting pressure on the nerves in her neck, which gives her headaches, nausea and shooting pain and numbness in her arms and legs when she works out. She came to our office about two months ago and has seen amazing progress. The patient is about 85% better and can participate in CrossFit without pain.

Maintaining the Progress

It is important to note that we did modify her workouts to keep the stress on her neck relatively low. It is important to stay away from things that will further aggravate her neck. Due to the severe state it was in, she could risk injuring herself more. We have been able to provide her with guidance that allows her to know what her limits are while still doing what she loves.

Have you considered getting back to doing your favorite activities? We can help you get there. Call our office today!

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