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How do you stay healthy without medicines to kill the germs that make you sick?

Think back to the most recent bad cold, bug, or flu you experienced. More than likely, you would prefer to skip over that experience next flu season. So what do you do to prevent this? Germs are everywhere, especially in the winter, and you probably would prefer to eliminate all of them. But what if we told you that eliminating germs sometimes does not contribute to your best health?

This sounds backwards, but the advancements in medical technology to eradicate germs and diseases sometimes cause more harm than good. They may find a way to kill germs, but unfortunately may cause a regeneration of a stronger strain of germ. So what do you do; how do you stay healthy without medicines to kill the germs that make you sick?

Well, medicine can be an important factor in recovering from the latest nasty bug, but there needs to be a balance. One of the most important factors in getting healthy is practicing healthful actions. Listen to your body. You would be surprised at how “intelligent” your body really is. Your nervous system is one of the most essential contributors to the operation of your body, so nourish it with healthy actions. Exercise with the resources that a city like Bellevue provides, eat foods that replenish your resources rather than taking away from them, and take preventative action. Going to a chiropractor is a great example of this preventative action. It helps manage your busy nervous system, and sets you back to normal.

We at Cummins Chiropractic want to help you stay germ-free. Why have a bug keep you from having fun at your next CrossFit exercise, or your nice relaxing day in the Bellevue spring sun?