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I FEEL Fine, Why Do I Need to See A Doctor?

We hear many people ask, “I feel fine, so why do I need to see a doctor?” That really is a great question, because not many people think often enough about their health when they are feeling “healthy”. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to know what is going on inside our bodies all the time. How many times have you been feeling pretty great and then the next day are out of action because of a back spasm, migraine or a bad cold? Our bodies are a beautiful, complex, creation and if we take the right steps we can actually help prevent these surprise situations from occurring. If we only have the mind set of taking care of ourselves in crisis situations then we don’t get the opportunities to experience life to its fullest.

Following is a great article by Dr. Pat McLean sharing why we have the tendency to believe health care means “sick care”. We encourage you to read further and share this with your friends and family.  Happy reading from your friends at Cummins Chiropractic and Wellness, a 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate!


A Truly Sustainable Health Care Solution

                    By Dr. Pat McLean, 100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate, Virginia Beach, VA

When you think of “Health Care” what is the first image that pops into your mind? Do you envision hospitals, prescriptions, expensive surgeries, or a sick person?  This is often what people have been conditioned to think about because the current health care delivery system is actually a Sick Care system in disguise. Fortunately, heart disease, diabetes and even many forms of cancer are preventable ‘lifestyle” diseases.

Lifestyle choices such as smoking, poor eating habits, sedentary living, and allowing stress to build all affect your body negatively and can cause you or a loved one to suffer from a disease that could have been prevented.

Suffering or sickness can be reasons to make lifestyle changes, and pain can certainly get your attention fast.  However, avoiding sickness and pain altogether is a much more desirable option. When you make good choices and invest in your health you are more likely to thrive over the course of your lifetime. This is a truly sustainable health care solution for you and your family, and for our society as a whole.

The Health Care Hierarchy of The 100 Year Lifestyle is Self Care, Health Care, and Crisis Care, in that order. They will help you set your priorities regardless of your current health condition or age and get you on a sustainable path.

Self Care is what you must do for yourself to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy and functioning at your highest level. Nobody can sleep, sit up straight or exercise for you.

Health Care is what you need to do to stay healthy that you cannot do for yourself. Chiropractors, Dentists, and Nutritionists are some of the professionally trained experts that can help you stay healthy beyond your Self Care.

Crisis Care is meant to help you recover from a serious injury or illness which requires the support of the appropriate crisis care specialists.

With the right Self Care and Health Care team you may be able to avoid the need for Crisis Care completely.

Who is responsible for your health? Is it your doctor, government, or your insurance carrier? Keep in mind that our current health care system’s main focus is on Crisis Care only, sometimes leading to severe side effects and long term damage. Dramatic and expensive rescue measures as a way of life add to your stress and can make health challenges worse for you and your loved ones.

This even includes prescription drugs. The “quick fix” of over-the-counter or prescription drugs can make you feel different because they change your body chemistry but they can give you a false sense of security that everything is fine when it really is not.

Chiropractic Lifestyle Care aligns your spine and nervous system to optimize your body’s functions. Your spine and nervous system are the means by which your brain communicates with your vital organs, muscles, ligaments, and cells. When there is interference to this communication system, the messages are interrupted. Your body may experience immediate symptoms or it may take a while to feel like something is wrong or not functioning like it used it.

Keeping your spine and nervous system aligned and balanced before a crisis can improve your body’s natural immunity and ability to reach a higher level of vitality, energy and health. If you are already in crisis, chiropractic care can remove the interference, get the pressure off the nerve and may promote a faster recovery without having to resort to more invasive options.

Begin making better lifestyle choices today for yourself and for your family. Make Self Care and Health Care your top priority.