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Keep Your Body in Balance - Pregnant Women Take Note

By Bellevue Chiropractor, Dr. Bob Cummins

Bellevue – Pregnancy and the birth of a child are truly a miracle and one of the most amazing things to experience.  For the mother, it can be one of the most challenging times as there are many changes occurring to her body. Mom’s body can become off balance as it takes shape for the task at hand of carrying the child, delivering the baby, and caring for the beautiful bundle of joy!

When your spine is out of balance there is increased demand on the soft tissue supportive structures to maintain posture and functional movement. Over time if this demand exceeds the soft tissue’s limits, injury will occur. Most often, the injury will present in the form of focalized muscle knots that are very tender. These are called trigger points. The fascial connective tissue that holds muscle in place can become hyper tensioned reducing its elasticity leading to diffuse areas of stiffness. Within the spinal joints, the associated muscles, ligaments, tendons, and fascia there is a network of nerve receptors that communicate vibration, temperature, pressure, pain sensation and body position. This nervous system network is adversely affected by chronic tension and stiffness. It’s ability to accurately communicate to the brain is diminished, and the brain’s ability to integrate the sensory information is downgraded. Over time the body’s ability to self-regulate and heal will reduce. In chiropractic, this chronic, low grade structural stress on the nervous system and the spine is called a “vertebral subluxation”.   It occurs to one degree or another in all of us, not just pregnant women. If the condition is removed by balancing the spine and soft tissue structures through spinal adjustments, homeostasis is improved.

One of my favorite groups to work with is pregnant women.   Keeping the body balanced through the pregnant months can have profound consequences for both mother and baby. An article in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association, June 2012 stated that ” a retrospective study showed that the use of spinal manipulation in pregnant patients significantly decreased the probability of meconium-stained amniotic fluid, use of forceps during delivery, and likelihood of preterm delivery.”

What is the take home message? when the spine and nervous system are working efficiently, self-regulation is optimized and the whole body physiology is positively affected. Take care of your spine and nervous system. Follow a low sugar anti-inflammatory diet, incorporate strength, endurance, and flexibility into your exercise routine, develop techniques to constructively manage emotional stress, and get your spine tuned on a periodic basis by a chiropractor.

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