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Live an Independent Life

If you knew you’d live to be 100, how would you change your life?

We often don’t imagine our health goals past the next workout or 5k community walk.  This vision of the life we’ve always imagined will have huge ramifications if we don’t act with intention today. 

Invite your friends and neighbors to join us on July 7th.  Don’t be a burden to your children. Attend this workshop on July 7th from 1-2pm at the Newport Way Library (14250 SE Newport Way, Bellevue) and learn how you can:

-Declare your independence and take control of your health
-Feel younger every day
-Live a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life
-Design your personal healthcare routine that will keep you healtheir for decades
-Eliminate healthcare confusion
-Set health priorities, create a personal action plan for lifelong better health.

It’s time to start thinking long term. Reserve your place now.  We look forward to celebrating our nation’s independence and yours!

Presented by Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness
Please kindly RSVP:

Anyone wishing more information may contact Dr. Cummins, whose office is located at 4122 Factoria Blvd. SE, Suite 202, Bellevue, WA (telephone 425-590-9158).