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Practicing Good Spinal Hygiene

Just as we keep the bones in our mouth healthy by brushing our teeth, we can keep the bones in our spine healthy by doing spinal exercises.

Bringing the Body Back to Alignment

It’s easy to fall into some bad postural habits, especially if we sit at a desk all day. You may catch yourself being slumped over like a Slinky with a forward head posture and the shoulders rolling forward. The purpose of spinal exercises is to bring the body back into correct alignment by improving posture.

Dr. Cummins recommends doing daily exercises to push our head back, actively engage the muscles and roll the shoulders backward to get them back into their proper alignment. His wife, Anna, demonstrates some of the exercises in this YouTube video:

Perfecting Your Posture

How we use technology can take a toll on our bodies. For example, if you’re reading this with your head down on a laptop or mobile you’re pulling the curve out of your neck. Here’s a quick tip for practicing good posture: give yourself at last one break per hour, whether you’re driving or sitting at a desk all day working. If you’re sitting at a desk, stand up and stretch backward even if it’s just for 15 seconds.

These small measures can reap big dividends when it comes to your spinal health.

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