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Providing Relief from Prolonged Pain

SLeeping man

Our patient can sleep comfortably again

By Dr. Robert Cummins – Many patients can become frustrated when conventional medical care they’ve experienced doesn’t offer the relief and healing they desire. That’s where we come in and can offer direction and solutions for very difficult cases.

Most of our patients know that what we offer at Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness is different from other doctors’ offices. Some people have even seen other chiropractors before and did not see the success they had hoped.

I want to reassure you that this will not be the case when you visit our office.

A Constant Loss of Sleep

I want to share with you one example of results for a difficult case.   A patient we see in his forties has a genetic condition called Goldenhar Syndrome. It is associated with abnormalities in the bone, and can mean spinal deformities and scoliosis. This patient was stricken with scoliosis, resulting in chronic back pain he had experienced for years.

He was unable to find a way to deal with the pain. The patient would wake up several times a night from the pain and was affected by the constant loss of sleep. It has been going on for a while, and the man saw specialists and other chiropractors for help. No solution could be found.

Meeting at a Community Event

I met this man at one of our spinal screenings. As you may know, we love doing community outreach. We were at the Coal Creek Family YMCA, where a health fair is held every year. I spoke to this man and convinced him to let us do a free screening to check his spine and posture, even though chiropractic had not worked for him previously.

A Life Without Pain

He decided to take a chance and become a patient. How is he today? He has responded greatly to our specialized chiropractic care. He’s almost pain-free. He can sleep without waking up from pain. He can function normally, without thinking about his back pain as he used to. This case, and many others, are the reason I love my work.  I am passionate about helping people achieve their best health.

Even when you may think you are out of options, we want to tell you that there is always hope. Give our office a call!


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