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Relief without Shots or Surgery

Bellevue sciatica help

Sciatica doesn’t have to rule your life!

Numbness, tingling, burning and pain down the back of your leg are all symptoms of a fairly common condition called sciatica.

One of my patients, who was in a car accident recently, had preexisting conditions, and his sciatica flared up really bad. He had also had back surgery several years ago. This patient ended up with sciatic pain down his leg, and he had numbness and a burning sensation in his toe. He ended up getting Cortisone injections with no improvement.

He decided to come into the office to get relief through chiropractic. I discovered that the sciatic nerve was so irritated that it became inflamed and started to attach itself to the gluteus maximus. The nerves are supposed to slide between the muscles but when they get inflamed, they start to get sticky. So, instead of sliding they start to tether themselves to the connective tissue around them.

Diminished Pain

When you walk and use the muscle, the muscle starts to pull on the nerve, and that was what triggered his sciatica. It was irritated in his back, and irritated the whole length of the nerve. The Cortisone injection was given in his spine, but the main problem wasn’t in his spine and when I was able to release that nerve, my patient finally found relief.

He is now about 80% better and doing great! On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most severe, his pain is down to about a one on average. He’s not going to have another injection and is definitely not going to have surgery.

If you are suffering from sciatica, chiropractic can provide the relief you need!

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