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Opening Day 2016 Windermere Cup

If you’ve visited us or read our blogs before, you’ve probably noticed that we’re passionate about rowing. Naturally, we love to support the University of Washington Huskies rowing team because we are Huskies. The Cummins family will be attending all the home races this season. We like to stand on the shores of Montlake Cut by the old Shellhouse or for Opening Day, hanging out closer to the finish line.  After the races, we’ll check out the boats and meet the athletes.

If you’d like to join us at the Huskies rowing events, you can find the schedules for the teams here:

Men’s schedule:

Women’s schedule:

Celebrate the 2016 Windermere Cup

The opening day of boating is May 7 and is rowed into action with more than 800 rowers competing.  World class competition for the Huskies will come from Russia, Cambridge University, Stanford and UC San Diego.

After the races, fans are invited to an awards ceremony for the regatta champions and to the presentation of the Windermere Cup Trophy at the Conibear Shellhouse.   You can see the races with us as we’ll be catching the action from the Stewards Enclosure at the west end of the Montlake Cut.  Parking is about $10, Stewards Enclosure is $10 – but the rest of all the fun is FREE!  Come check it out.  Also, login to for a link to live streaming coverage.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Race schedule – Thanks to the good people of Windermere Real Estate

Windermere Cup Website HOME

new race schedule



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