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Sandwich Moms and Dads Caught in the Middle

By Anna Cummins and Dr. Robert Cummins of Cummins Chiropractic and Wellness

There’s a new class of people that is vital to the way families function. This new class has been affectionately termed “The Sandwich Moms and Dads”. They are sandwiched between raising their own children and taking care of their parents at the same time.

With extended life spans becoming the norm, and many elderly not adequately prepared for their extended lives, the burden of taking care of older and younger generations is left to the person that is often caught in the middle: The Sandwich Mom or Dad.

The fastest growing segment of our population, according to the US Census Bureau, is the Centenarian (100 year olds). Often, it is the daughters and sons of our nation’s elderly who are called to the task of helping care for this greatest of generations.

On the other side of the responsibility coin are Sandwich Moms and Dads children. Fifty percent of the children born after 2000 are predicted to live 100 years while the other 50% are predicted to live shorter lives than their parents. Which side of this 50% that the children end up on, and the quality of life that they live, will be determined in large part by the way the Sandwich Mom and Dad care for their kids and the health values taught to the family.

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So, who is going to take care of Sandwich Mom?  Who is looking out for Sandwich Dad? These amazing servants to others are caring for multiple generations, yet they must also take care of themselves.   If the caretakers are hurting themselves, that leaves all members of the family in a very tough situation.  How can the meat of our sandwich make sure they are well?

Healthy lifestyle choices such as a positive attitude, healthy eating and exercise must become a top priority. Our Sandwich Moms and Dads must also take care of their structure and the body’s main coordinating system, the nerve system, to be sure it is working well and unobstructed by spinal distortions which can negatively affect nerve function, increase stress and cause all types of health problems.

We all know of some elderly friends with a rounded upper back, limited neck mobility, and low back problems that really affect how long they can walk, how they drive a car, and if they can keep moving.  We also know of people who are limited by frequent headaches, knee pain, and back pain.  Not to mention, the kids we know whose posture is hunched from computer use and sitting most of the day.  A chiropractic checkup will evaluate the nerve system for interference caused by spinal distortions (known as “vertebral subluxations”) and is vital to all health care.

Gentle chiropractic corrections called “adjustments” can assure that the nerve system is healthy to coordinate all systems of the body. When all systems of the body are receiving proper nerve supply, optimal health can be achieved and the whole family can be better prepared to cope with the challenges that come their way.

Taking care of others is a tremendous responsibility.  If you are caught in the middle, please take heart and remember to take care of yourself as well and ask for help if you are struggling.  We’re happy to be a resource to our community in this way.  You don’t have to be caught in the middle, thrive in the middle and bring both your parents and your children to gold medal health by practicing healthy habits every day: eating well, thinking well, and moving well.

For more information or to answer any questions you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We’re here to help and our goal is to bring our community to gold medal health!  425-590-9158,,