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Seahawks Bennett Leading the Nutrition Game

If you were an NFL super star, what would be one of the reasons you’d credit for being such a fantastic athlete?

While there is always your mom’s support and showing up early for practice, what could change the course of all of your skills and really get your game to jump to the next level?  For Seahawks’  star Michael Bennett , he credits his increase in attention to nutrition.

In a recent article in the Seattle Times by Bob Condotta, Bennett says “I noticed my game change when I really started taking my nutrition to the next level.  Ever since then I think it’s really changed my game.”

Bennett is good.  As in really good.  So good he signed a four-year, $28.5 million contract with the Seahawks in 2014 and last season was named the Defensive MVP of the Pro Bowl.

We think it is worth noting that he made gradual changes to his diet and mentioned he didn’t feel like he really honed in on his best nutrition practices till he was already in the NFL. This is super encouraging.  Little changes friends.  Little changes that we can make at any stage in our lives can make a big difference.  Maybe even be a game changer to make you the most valuable player in your life.

Let’s go get it team.  On the practice field today: as many greens as you can manage.  Spinach in your smoothie.  Salad option for lunch.  Broccoli on the side at dinner.  Kale chips for a snack.  Then, just watch the power fill you up from the inside.   By trading in greens (especially in place of the common American diet of simple sugars), your body will move closer to your health potential and you will be able to live your ideal 100 year lifestyle.

Our favorite part of the story to close out this blog:

Throughout, Bennett extolled the benefits of healthy eating. At one point, he held up a bag of sugar he said matched that found in a popular ice tea. After asking if you can drink something like that and “pass like Russell Wilson or hit like Kam Chancellor” Bennett emphatically yelled no and threw the bag to the ground.”

Boom.  Let’s throw our sugar kicks to the ground and let our bodies express their full potential.

Check out the full Seattle Times article by Bob Condotta here 

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