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Snow Boarding, Car Accidents, Horse Back Riding, Ice Skating, and Gymnastics - Oh my!

By Bellevue Chiropractor, Dr. Bob Cummins

Bellevue – What do snow boarding, car accidents, horse back riding, ice skating, and gymnastics all have in common?

They all traumatize the cervical spine.  Car accidents traumatize the neck, and all of the other sports activities are associated with hard falls on to the neck and head, which also cause neck injuries.

Spinal misalignments that stress the nerves, muscles, and ligaments create a condition called vertebral subluxation. This condition often causes no pain or noticeable symptoms but like a cavity, can grow and progress silently through time, until one day, seemingly out of the blue, symptoms appear.

Another scenario occurs when the symptoms are silent and then gradually progress.   The person is not aware of the progression because they become desensitized to the pain and the pain is their new normal.

In the cervical spine, the most common symptom is neck pain, headaches, vertigo, and upper back pain. If the condition is more serious, it can progress to shoulder and arm pain, sometimes exhibiting characteristics similar to carpal tunnel syndrome. If the condition is chronic, the symptoms often will be associated with sinus, throat, vision, and thyroid dysfunction. The tissues associated with these conditions are innervated by the cervical spine nerves and lose their ability to function.

Are you or a family member involved in any of these activities? If yes, get your spine checked and make sure you don’t have a festering subluxation in your neck.

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