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Take My Pain Away

Tired of missing out on winter walks because of your pain?  Dr. Cummins can help you get back out on the trail, bike, boat, or bike.  Whatever you love to do, don't let pain stop you from having a Healthy. New. You. for 2017.

Tired of missing out on winter walks because of your pain? Dr. Cummins can help you get back out on the trail, bike, boat, or bike. Whatever you love to do, don’t let pain stop you from having a Healthy. New. You. for 2017.

Pain can ruin your life.Whether it comes and goes in an unpredictable fashion or whether it is constant, having to manage and deal with pain on a regular basis can be exhausting, inconvenient and let’s face it, painful. Pain can take many forms including headaches, neck or arm pain, back and leg pain, stomach pain, sinus pain, and literally any other part of your body. We’ve seen it all!

Too many people tolerate pain

Too many people tolerate pain without an effective strategy for healing. Pain that comes and goes, rollercoaster pain, is tiring and frustrating. You can never plan your life because you never know if you are going to hurt. Before you know it, it controls you.

The challenge of this rollercoaster pain is that many people only take care of themselves when the pain reaches a point of severity that you might consider a crisis. The typical protocol in this situation for many people is to stop your life, deal with the crisis through a couple of quick fixes such as a couple of chiropractic adjustments, or popping a bunch of pills, just to get some immediate relief.

When the relief comes…. Rollercoaster begins

When the relief comes, you are so excited to feel better that you stop taking care of yourself until it hurts again. Here is a little secret: in most cases when the pain is gone, the cause of the pain is still there and if you want to get off the rollercoaster you have got to continue doing the things that will give your body a chance to heal.

In our office we call this the Critical Transition. The Critical Transition is critical because it is when you commit yourself to being consistent with your care regardless of how you feel so that your body can regenerate. This is like the person who reaches their goal weight after being on a diet and decides to continue eating healthy and exercising rather than reverting to old habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place. The consistency when you feel better really matters.

The same is true if you have acute pain. No matter what part of your body has been affected, acute pain can stop your life in its tracks. Many people who have this type of pain will often say things like “I felt twinges there before” or “periodically I feel a _______.” These may be signs that an acute crisis is just around the corner and that there is something underlying in your body that is causing the problem whether the pain is present or not.

Chiropractic care helps eliminate both rollercoaster and acute pain

Chiropractic care is very effective in helping people eliminate both rollercoaster and acute pain because we actually do not treat the pain at all. Instead, we work with your body’s innate ability to heal. Nerve interference can cause pain in any body part as well as contribute to all types of health problems. Nerve compression can exist without pain and lie dormant for decades until your body completely breaks down.

Don’t let this happen to you. No wonder so many of our new patients, including many of you, your family and friends have come into our office and said these powerful words, “Please take my pain away.”

Pain doesn’t have to control your life anymore. Get off the rollercoaster and let chiropractic care help your body heal right away, and over the long haul of your life. Through our New. You. 2017. campaign, we encourage you to take a new approach to taking your pain away and then make the Critical Transition to Lifestyle Care.

A new you in 2017 is right around the corner. Make an appointment today, regardless of how you feel. You will be glad you did.

Cummins Chiropractic & Wellness is proud to be a 100 Year Lifestyle Affiliate Clinic serving Bellevue and beyond with our best chiropractic care.  Our goal is to bring you to gold medal health so you can live vibrantly from your first breath of life to your last.  

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