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Thanks to King5! Going for Gold Takes a Community!

King5 news highlights those going for Optimum Health! (link to video!)

The Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Olympic Games to be held in London are exactly one year away.
However, the elite athletes training for the Games have already been training for years and many are right here on Lake Union and Lake Washington.  For these athletes that are constantly striving to be stronger, faster and row higher like the Olympic Creed, they also face an incredible amount of stress on their bodies.  Dr. Bob Cummins, 1997 World Rowing Champion, and his wife Anna Cummins, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, completely understand and are well suited to help.  
Many of our local Olympic hopefuls come to Bellevue’s Cummins Chiropractic and Wellness to receive the care and treatement they need to be at optimum health.  When just .01 seconds can be the difference between gold and silver, every single organ, tissue and cell in an elite athletes body needs to be as close to optimum as possible.  Chiropractic does just that.  Chiropractic helps optimize the nervous system that controls every organ, tissue and cell in the body and is therefore an integral part of elite athletics.  
Is chiropractic then just for sports stars?  Definitely not.  Optimum health isn’t just for Olympians, it’s for anyone who wants to be at their best and still be able to row, golf, ride, or crossfit when they are 100 years old.  Dr. Cummins has a passion for making optimum health a reality for the greater Seattle area and all who strive for gold medal health! 
Let’s take a moment to wish Lindsay Meyer, Ursula Grobler, and Michelle Trannel our best wishes as they head to USRowing’s World Championship trials coming up.  Let’s also give kudos to all who have already been named to the 2011 World Championship team.  We’re all rooting for you and are inspired by your dedication, teamwork and drive to be at your very best.  As your biggest fans, we hope to keep on eating well, thinking well, and moving our best so that as you go for the gold, you inspire us all to go for gold medal health. 

Anyone wishing more information may contact Dr. Cummins, whose office is located at 4122 Factoria Blvd. SE, Suite 202, Bellevue, WA (telephone 425-590-9158).