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The Crossfit Movement and How it can Help Your Back Pain

By Bellevue Chiropractor, Dr. Bob Cummins

Bellevue – Being strong is useless if that strength cannot be applied to real world settings. Does it matter that you can hold a plank for 5 minutes when your core does not engage bending over to pull up your pants? This concept is behind the Crossfit movement where functional strength rules.

Although the culture of Crossfit can foster an environment where injuries sometimes occur too easily, I could not agree more with its philosophical intentions: Constantly varied, functional movements with high intensity.  This recipe is perfect for working your body out of the routine and into strength, flexibility and fitness.

Crossfit is especially fitting if you are not working with a trainer, you are your own exercise drill master, or you are a member or an athletic team where your activities tend to be homogenous in nature.  It is especially important to include exercises that are varied, functional in nature, and out of your routine. This will help translate your fitness efforts into real world function and health, minimizing risk for spinal injury and pain.

Whatever we do repetitively, the body adapts to get better at, done in the way it is repeated. This means that if you do planks on a regular basis, you will get good at doing planks, and if you do them poorly, you will get really good at doing them poorly. But, this does not mean that your body will automatically use the strength gains from doing planks to maintain core stability when you are hitting golf balls, throwing a frisby, or picking up your grand child. This also means that if you do not have transferable strength in your core, you are much more likely to suffer from back pain when doing your varied day to day movements.  To reduce chances of back pain, follow the Crossfit recipe and include exercise that mimics motion and conditions we encounter in real life. Picking things up in awkward positions, walking up and down inclines / stairs, stepping over things, jumping over things, pulling and pushing objects. Incorporating these movements into your exercise routine will make you stronger and will reduce the chance of injury during day to day activities.  And for that reason, I am a fan of the Crossfit movement.

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