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Tingling Back and Leg Pain? Help! I have Sciatica!

By Bellevue Chiropractor, Dr. Bob Cummins

Bellevue – Pain radiating from the low back, into the buttock, back of the thigh, into the calf and foot is often referred to as “Sciatica”.   Nerves exiting the lumbar spine form a large nerve bundle that exits at the low back of the pelvis on each side at the sciatic notch.  This nerve bundle, called the sciatic nerve, weaves its way through the hamstring muscles and travels past the knee, through the calf, through the foot, and eventually to the toes.  The nerve is like a large branch on a tree.  The nerve bundle  has many off shoots that go in different directions down the leg.

Chronic sciatic symptoms are usually associated with serious wear and tear damage in the lumbar spine:  degenerative disc disease, disc bulges, facet arthritis, and fatty infiltration of the stabilizing muscle structures.

Maintaining the nerve communication pathway from the brain, down the spinal cord, over the sciatic nerve, to all the tissue cells of the leg is vital for health.  Shooting pain is only one effect of this disorder. In my clinical practice, I frequently see hip, knee, and foot problems associated with this issue.

Structural integrity of the spine and nervous system is usually only given even a second thought after painful episodes.   Would you care for your teeth this way?  Keep your spine and nervous system healthy by following a simple method.  Have great nutrition; develop strategies to handle the stress of life; incorporate strengthening, stretching, and endurance type of exercise for your body; and last, get your spine tuned by a chiropractor on a periodic basis.

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