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What Type of Care For You?


Need help staying well? Give your body a boost with natural chiropractic care.

“Health care” is all over the news. But for the most part, American culture is focused on “crisis” care—care that is administered to someone who already has symptoms of an illness or injury. Is a story on the dramatic efforts to save a person’s life truly “health care” ?

Crisis Care, Health Care, SELF Care

True health care involves having a hierarchy of your health care team.  And rightfully so, the last resort is crisis care.  This is where you are in crisis and must have help from a professional.  You don’t choose crisis care, you must have crisis care.

Health care is your team of professionals who help you truly be healthy.  Think your chiropractor for a well spine check up, your dentist for a teeth cleaning, and your personal trainer to help you lift weights properly.  There may be some overlap between your crisis care and health care team.

Most importantly and foremost for true health is to have good SELF CARE.  Self care is what we do on a regular basis to stay healthy and live our ideal 100 year lifestyle.  These things help us to pick up our kids, have energy to think at work at 2pm, have endurance to take a hike at Cougar Mountain and help others when in need.  Having good Self Care and Health Care also wards off life-threatening illnesses and disease.

How to Acheive fitNNESS

Stick to fitNNESS to create a proactive approach to stay map out your health and avoid costly crisis care:

  • Neurology – Have your spine and nervous system checked and in balance through chiropractic care. This essential step comes first as the nervous system controls the body’s functions.
  • Nutrition – Many of us do not eat the healthy foods we need to ensure our overall health. We skimp on fruits and vegetables and load up on added sugars and bad fats.
  • Endurance – When was the last time a doctor gave you a prescription for a long walk to get your heart pumping? Yet it is one of the most proactive things you can do.
  • Strength – Often forgotten or solely focused upon, having strength to build muscles is essential to live your ideal 100 Year Lifestyle.
  • Structure – Keeping your nervous system in tip-top condition helps keep other systems and organs of your body working at their best.

Adopting a proactive approach to health is like brushing your teeth twice daily to prevent dental problems. While rescue measure healthcare may look heroic on television, the real “heroes” take “health” care into their own hands and do self care every day of their lives!

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