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Where is your health headed?

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Where are we headed and what are we really trying to achieve?

Is health really about getting out of pain? Or…

Quality of life. Function. Sleeping well. Getting out of bed and with the physical capacity to do anything you have the need or desire of doing. Picking up your grandchild. Hiking to the top of Cougar Mountain. Golfing 18,24, or 36 holes. Driving to Whistler for a weekend of skiing. Touring Europe on a bicycle.

Health exists on a continuum. One end represents optimum performance and capacity, on the other is degeneration, break down, and ultimately death. Everyone of us is going to die. How will we spend the majority of our days? When we experience those days that are most important and meaningful, where will we be? Each day we are moving one way or the other on the continuum. The choices we make determine how we experience life.

Three factors will determine which way you are moving on the continuum: Chemical, Mental, and Physical influences.

Each day, move yourself closer to gold medal health on the continuum. Need some ideas to get started? Here’s a few. Pick one and get MOVING today!

-Drink a glass of water

-Take 5 deep breaths

-Think a positive affirmation (“I am loved, I always succeed, I will persevere…”)

-Go for a walk, visit your gym, or do a Crossfit workout

-Share with someone that you are thankful for their friendship

-Eat a carrot

-and last but not least, you could visit your chiropractor!

We all know many things that are healthy for our bodies. Let’s pick one right now and move that continuum to a longer, happier, healthier, more fulfilled life!