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Why Stress Affects You Differently than Your Neighbor

Work. Traffic. In Laws.  Money.  Sugar.  Busy.  Baby. Wedding.  Practice. School.  Run.  Row.  Car alarm.

Do these words bring about the thought of stress to you?  Some of them may, but the list in and of itself is not stressful.  Stress is a response.  Stress is how your body responds to a stressor (like your work, sitting in traffic or a bag of candy.)  And the truth is, everyone responds to stress differently.  Even the parts of stress that are innate.

If a car alarm was going off on my street, my neighbor may choose to simply ignore the sound and pop in some earplugs and be back to reading their book.  I, on the other hand, may have just put down my kids for a nap and with the same sound of the car alarm the neighbor heard, my heart beat rises and I head out the front door to find out what is making all the racket. My neighbor isn’t stressed out by the car alarm, but I would be jumping out of my skin to keep the house quiet and the kids sleeping.  My stress reaction is unique to me and how my body and mind are functioning.

The 100 YearLifestyle has a great explanation that can be summed up like this:

Stress is a nerve system reaction that causes your heart to beat faster, your muscles to be tense, your stomach to tighten, and your hair follicles to stand up, all as a way to prepare your body for an emergency. When you interpret a situation as stressful, whether it truly is or not, your brain triggers this reaction by sending a signal over your spinal cord and nerve system to every cell of your body. In prehistoric times, this would have been the perfect reaction to escape from a hungry dinosaur, but in today’s stress filled world and no Tyrannosaurus Rex, this chronic reaction can cause pain, sickness and disease.

So, question is then, is your body pre-stressed?  Is there something in your body that is already putting pressure on your nerves so that you are already dealing with your body at sub-optimum levels?  Potentially.  This is why we recommend having a well spine check-up.  Our office specializes in recognizing the state of your nervous system.  By optimizing your nervous system and getting it in alignment and working at it’s best, your body should respond to all stressors better – car alarms  included.

Check out the complete article by our 100 Year Lifestyle program that outlines exactly why the manifestations of stress really do affect everyone uniquely. 

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